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Women, Food, and God - Part 1

I have begun, for a second time, reading a book titled Women, Food, and God.  It was recommended to me by Sharon Ladner (For those that do not know of her, I'm sure there will be a future post on her; She's SUPER FAB!) and I decided I should read it. (Basically, if she told me that reading the phone book every night I would give it a go.)

I was blindsided by the prologue...the freaking prologue, guys, which talks about who needs to read the book. It didn't bode well for me, so I had to put the book down and regroup. Now, I'm back to work on reading it again and I did have to go back over what knocked the air out of me the first time so I could move on...

Page 17, paragraph above the break still gets to me, but I must move past it so I can move past it.

...that being alone means being lonely. If feeling your feelings means being destroyed. If being vulnerable is for sissies or if opening to love is a big mistake...

Even writing this down makes a hard ball form in my tummy-A ball made of fear and regret. Fear because I know I have to deal and I'm not sure how. Regret because I know that's the part of my failed marriage and divorce that was my fault. (I won't be going into that particular story on this post. I think it deserves it's own post.)

I will keep all of you faithful few updated on my progress and anything else that scares me along the way. I'm determined to finish it and to use this blog to mull out the scary bits with all of you...

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