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Christmas Planning Page

**Disclaimer** If you are one of my immediate family members, you must either stop reading now or act surprise. If not, but you know one or more of the following people, please don't ruin the surprise.

Thank you.

I know. I know. It's still a while until Christmas, but I like lists and making plans. Plus, if a majority of the gifts are "made by Jamie" then I need to get started now before I run out of time.

I've found some really wonderful sites to help in my search for the perfect homemade gifts.
Tip Junkie

Those are just a few I ran across, but there are a ton more out there because this is obviously a popluar idea. Go figure.

Teachers - I'm thinking of either a cake in a jar OR a Hot Cocoa Mix.

Mom - Bath Salts/ Cupcake pin cushion /Pj pants

Pop - If I can figure out the paracord bracelet, and then figure out how to magnetize it for him. Otherwise so sort of magnetic bracelet.

Kim - Bath Salts / Pj pants  (maybe a tie bag too, but we will see)

Bran - (I want to make) Paracord bracelet but if I can't manage it, a coffee coozie.

Ian - Hollow Book
Logan - Hollow Book
Dylan - Hollow Book
Kalan - Hollow Book
Tristan - Pj pants / Felt Board/ coloring book / crayon holder /   (I want a few other things that aren't handmade. (IXL (Target today), game, How to train your Dragon movie,

Caitlin -  Pj pants /  Felt Flash Cards(I really wanna have time for this.) / coloring book/ crayon holder /   (I want a few things that aren't handmade. (Lalaloopis Doll (Target today), Snap N Style Doll, Leapfrog (bought last year and put up),

I get Pj pants too and I really want a Neck Tie Bag, so I think I'll just make one and wrap it up. 

 Damn, that's a lot of sewing. *sigh* especially for someone that feels like bursting into tear each time I look at my mother's machines. One day I really just want a regular, simple machine. Seriously. No crazy bells and whistles, well, it'd be cool if it threaded itself, but I'm not holding my breath. All I know is I want a machine that doesn't cost thousands of dollars and make me completly paranoid I'll break it. Eeesh!!

To Be Continued...
PS-IF there's something you want a tutorial to, but it's not linked let me know because I probably just couldn't find it. but there will totally be more stuff on here. :)