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What This Girl Will Do In One Year

For the next year there are a number of things I want to accomplish. I figure, if I write them down where I can see them and others can hold me accountable, I will be more likely to actually check them off the list.

Plus, if anyone ever needs gift ideas I am providing a very nice list of things...

  1. Learn to be more Organized (perhaps a class is in order. Do they have classes for that?)
  2. Find (and Take) a Zumba class. (Found it, but it's a bit pricey. maybe later)
  3. Sew Christmas pajams pants for my family.
  4. Sew cute Christmas dresses for Cait.
  5. Sew T some cool, dinosaur pjs
  6. Learn to applique
  7. Complete the Couch25K program
  8. Take the kids on a mini-vacation, just the 3 of us.
  9. Join or Create a Mommy club.
  10. Meet 1 new person a month. (Totally doing well with this!)
  11. Finish my novel by Christmas (Like ready to be sent out ready)
  12. Find an agent/send out novel
  13. Go on a date. Done!
  14. Take the kids to the park twice a month.
  15. Make a will.
  16. Potty train Caitlin (pray for me!)
  17. Submit at least 6 stories for publication.
  18. Learn to play tennis
  19. Take a cooking class (preferably a healthy cooking class)
  20. Slide into my size 14 jeans with room to spare. (So close...I can almost taste it)

So, this one I won't be able to do until October 2011, but I'm writing it down now!!!
  1. I want to visit Salem on Halloween. (This make take more than a year because I do not see it happening this year, but next year I wanna go. It's a total dork thing!)