Random thoughts and musings of a single Mom striving to follow dreams and find pure BLISS.

Loves, Hates, and Other Random Thoughts

I'm trying out the whole "page" thing and I thought my first one would be all about, well, me. This list actually has no rhyme or reason other than I feel something about each of them - Some positive some negative. Fell free to peruse or comment. I'm sure I will be updating as things pop into my little head.
  1. I never thought I'd get Tristan potty trained. DONE!!! Now, on to Caitlin! DONE!!!!!!!!
  2. I think pedicures are the greatest treat ever.
  3. I wish I had a recording of my kids' laughter so it could be my ring tone.
  4. Two and four years later I am still a little sad about not being able to nurse my babies and envy mothers who are able to. (SO much so I get pissed off when other people get bent out of shape about mothers nursing in public. Don't fucking look, asshole!
  5. I've never thought dandelions were weeds-and still don't, so don't try to convince me.
  6. I really DO have a small savings account for my tummy tuck. Not kidding!
  7.  I usually listen to country music in the car because I can trust it not to cuss for those days I can't deal with kiddie music.
  8. In the song Who I Am by Jessica Andrews I change Rosemary to Evelyn and sing really loud. It's totally about me!
  9. Gerber daises are my absolute favorite flower in the whole world, but I've never been sent those.
  10.  Follow up to above...I've only been sent roses and I hate roses-unless they are hot pink or tea roses. Or Victorian Roses!
  11. I have 2 sisters, even thought almost none of my friends have met Hayley and most people look confused when I mention her, Jordan, Paul, or Sam.
  12. I think I've finally figured out Caitlin's new middle name. (Jayne-for my Aunt Jan and Uncle Wayne who passed away last year.) (I really like "Paige" right now.) Let's just all admit that it really WILL be Rebekah and move on. Sigh...
  13.  Reality TV is the bane of my existence. I really have enough drama without watching someone else's.
  14. I now remember that in my single college days I was a total flirt and loved it...I'm remembering this skill very quickly.
  15. I'm wondering how long T1 is in school before I'm told to please put him on medication. We had to go have a "talk" with a doctor this past year.
  16.  I really do wish I could have long, flowy, shampoo commercial hair.
  17. I sometimes wonder if my fruitless job search is God telling to me finally sit my ass down and finish what I've started-for once. Florida Interview!!!
  18. I'm a secret techno-gadget geek. I love all the new techie toys and swear I should go back to school to get a computer degree-then I remember how much math it involves and I change my mind.
  19.  I am totally envious of people who are good at math and science-and find it interesting. I just don't. Hummm...reminds me of someone...
  20. I saw a red leather jacket at the store the other day that I totally coveted. usually I'd think, "If I were only thinner," but this time I thought, "Dude, that is SO going to be my goal jacket!" (Got it in Pink!)
  21. When I wear socks I swear it feels like I can't breathe.
  22.  I can't wait to get Lasik. I really hate glasses!
  23. For those that may not remember (Lord, knows I almost didn't) I have cheek bones. Seriously!
  24. My first memory is evacuating for Hurricane Fredrick-I was not quite 2.
  25. My son has the same creepy memory I do...Damn!
  26. I'm also rediscovering that I have collar bones as well.
  27. My daughter can count to five and she's only 2, but she knows her letters better. We are now at 10!
  28. I'm addicted to bookstores and coffee and facebook.
  29. I own more books than the law should really allow. I shutter to think about the shear number between pre and post Katrina.
  30. I hope someone gets me a facial for my birthday. (Or I at least have a job so I can get myself one.)
  31. I'm totally loving my for them to shrink a bit.
  32. The strongest memory I have of my Sweet Mamma is sitting in her lap reading In a People's House. It was also the first book I bought when I found out I was pregnant.
  33. I really want a new car...actually I really want to not drive a van.
  34. One day I will SO go see a Cirque show!
  35. I am absolutely scared to death of diabetes because it took Sweet Mamma. (That and personal pan pizzas).
  36. I would only have another wedding if I didn't have to do anything except pick stuff I like and have someone else plot and plan.
  37. I've decided to start trying to run again. I just wish it wasn't so damn hot.
  38. Between Katrina and this whole single Mom thing, I've learned my lesson to never turn down help-especially help offered by a good heart.
  39. As much as I really really, really, want to go to Key West, I'm afraid I won't survive the bridge to get there.
  40. I hate Jim Cantore. I think storms follow him, not the other way around. If he hadn't shown up in the Bay, Katrina would have actually hit New Orleans instead of us (like the media reported.)  
  41. I have really great instincts and I do not listen to them nearly enough. However, I will from now on.
  42. I hate watching the news because it's depressing and skewed.
  43. One day I want to travel the entire world. Maybe not all at once, but I want to see everything.
  44. I loved being pregnant and I'd so love to have another baby. (Even though I look at my two monkeys and have no idea how I'd survive having 3 kids.)
  45. I absolutely refuse to believe I am actually 33. Sorry, I don't buy it. I don't feel it. I don't look it. And most days I'm confused about how exactly I ended up with 2 kids-I should be too young for that.
  46. I used to be terrified to go anywhere other than to work and back. Actually leaving the house to "go out" used to almost make me physically panic.
  47. Once upon a time I blamed Arizona for "making me old" but I realize it wasn't Arizona; it was Joe.
  48. No matter how much I love my kids I still dream of running away most days. However, I only want to be gone a couple of days, not forever.
  49. I get bored in a bath, but I love long, hot showers! (with candles, please)
  50. I find it ironic that my kids LOVE Tom and Jerry cartoons because I couldn't STAND them as a kid. Now I'm forced to watch them or at least listen to them everyday. I bet they'll like freaking Brady Bunch, too...Blegh!
  51. The best sound in the whole world is the sound of my kids laughing.
  52. I swear that my kids are cuter than almost every baby on commercials and in magazines. (I'm just saying.)
  53. I feel claustrophobic in my childhood bedroom.
  54. I dream of having my own little office space where I can set up my computer and surround myself with my books and writing stuff. I dream of having a library. *sigh*
  55. My secret love is young adult literature.
  56. Now that I'm losing weight, my boobs are getting smaller and it makes me sad. I so thought I'd be happy about it. Just can't be happy I guess.
  57. Coffee has never kept me awake EVER! Yes, I drink coffee because I like the way it tastes and it helps me focus.
  58. I see certain facial expressions and behaviors of my daughter and I feel the need to apologize to my parents.
  59. I see certain facial expressions and behaviors of my children and I feel the need to scream because they are SO my ex-husband.
  60. I'm pretty sure hummus is my favorite food.
  61. After reading Ree's blog, I dream of finding a Marlboro man of my own.
  62. I wonder if there is a man alive that can make me swoon? FOUND HIM!!!!
  63. I think I really DO read too many novels set in regency and Victorian England or I'd never use the term swoon or dream of an English library.
  64. The only times I have ever felt truly comfortable in my skin and surroundings are when I have been alone. People make me nervous.
  65. I'm SO glad my babies do not have my awkwardness with people. I'll just die if they are as shy and constantly uncomfortable as I have always been.
  66. I can't even count the number of times that I've either been directly or indirectly told that I'm a bad mother, or at least inadequate.
  67. I really like teaching online, but I'd like an office...hummm, have I mentioned that before?
  68. TOTALLY want to go to Universal Studios to the Harry Potter World.
  69. I am terrified to go through another Katrina and really do not want to live on the Coast.
  70. The fastest way to find yourself in a relationship is for me to develop a crush on you. Even the smallest, slightest inkling of interest will instantly enable you to find the person of your dreams. Yeah me. Isn't there a movie like that? Too bad I didn't watch it-just living it. GOD WAS JUST MAKING SURE I FOUND MARCO
  71. T1 is SOO proud of his green smily faces from school that he practically bursts as he gets into the car.
  72. Today T1 says, "Do you know how much I love you?" Be still my heart!!
  73. Every day Marco says to me, "Do you remember that I love you?" "Do you remember that I think of you?" Be still my heart!!!
  74. My wedding ring was chosen because it reminded Marco of my eyes. He loves my eyes and tell me so all the time. 
  75. I would have never chosen the wedding ring on my own because I would have thought it was too expensive to buy for myself. He never flinched about buying it for me.  
  76. I am in awe that I will be a married woman in just a matter of a few weeks. It was only a year ago that I decided that I was stable enough to actually go on a date...and thought it was all but impossible. Amazing.