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New Hair

I've been thinking about cutting my hair off. Actually, I've been considering it for a while, but thought my face was too ROUND.

Now I have check bones again-not enough of them for my taste, but enough that I'm way not so round. Anyway, I'm thining of something piecy, funky, cool, cute, and short. WHY? Well, my hair has ZERO texture and it is super you know what that means? It doesn't do anything. At all. Nothing.  

It's too thick and heavy to hold curl; however, it is too texturally fine to took lusterous when long becuase it constatnly needs to be brushed and starts to look thin. It just hangs limp. Do you KNOW what it takes to make hair as think as mine look thin?

I've taken stock of my last month of hair-dos and realized that I pull it back every single day. Every day!! it hangs in my face and bothers me enough to even wear it up to the store and church. I kept it chin-length and angled becuase my mom told me it woud look better, but I'm just not sure I want to keep it there. I really, really, really think I want it short.

So, here are the pics I'm considering...I'll probably take pieces and parts of different ones and talk with my hair dresser.

So, I'm noticing that they are ALL really similar...Yeah I think next week is the week!

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