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Things That Piss Me Off

I thought I'd let loose a bit of anger and frustration today...
  • I have to color my hair today and I'm only a week when I should have done it. I'm not pissed so much that I haven't done it yet, I'm pissed that I have to do it. I mean, I have my Mom color all my WHITE hair while she gets to dance around in her natural, greyless hair color. Talk about some shit!
  • I'm having huge bouts of insomnia again. Grrrrr!
  • This whole, spinning wheels, unsure where to go or what I'm going to do is pretty much completely in opposition to how I prefer to live my life. I just need some sort of direction, preferably in the form of a job offer, so I can begin making plans again.
  • Why is it that some people are continuously allergic to telling the truth. Seriously!?!
  • It really does annoy me that Sweet Mamma was right about a Leopard never changing its spots. I keep trying to believe the best in people, but I'll be damned if they keep letting me down. I guess I'll never learn either; it's just sad that I have to learn that lesson.
  • My ex STILL hasn't had any sort of court date to put him anywhere other than county jail, which means I STILL haven't gotten my computer back. So, the fucking thing is now a year old and I only used it for 2 months. Pictures of my children are on it. I want it!
  • Now, I just wish my life were a Lifetime movie; it's too boring to be on TV at all now. 
  • I'm alone, but surrounded by people. I really hate being lonely. I really hate being surrounded. *sigh* I'm bored.
  • My life is on hold and it really, really, really pisses me off.  


  1. ***This too shall pass***

    1. I feel ya. We have the same McCarty genetics. I just did mine on Saturday. Ugh.

    2. Get some skullcap/passionflower tea from the healthfood store. My skullcap tea was lovely; I slept like a rock.

    3. In God's time. Like one of my sisters told my self-destructive sister: You aren't going to die until God lets you, so you might as well quit trying. God will put a job in front of you when He is ready for you to have one. Find a way to enjoy your transition period in the meantime; Come visit your country cousin. The kids can roam and romp and we can walk them all over the hillside on the horses and take them fishing sans tar balls.

    4. Give them an allergy shot by way of five across the lip :)

    5. I miss her. And it is not a bad thing that you prefer to see the more redemptive qualities in people. It means that you have a heart. Pretentious people suck ass.

    6. He will get what he deserves...either in this lifetime or most definitely the next. I would want my pictures too, though. I would tell them to put my children's pics on a jump drive and just say to hell with the computer.

    7. Boring is good. Much better than drama. Peace is quite lovely. If I were going to have my life movie on a channel I would vote for ScyFy or something; at least I might have cool critters like unicorns and centaurs or could visit Narnia or hang with Harry Potter or something.

    8. I find nature to be quite therapeutic in such times. Go over to Mobile and visit Bellingrath and wander around in the flowers for a day. There is a lot to be said for the soul healing qualities of green things. Consider the lillies.

    9. (((huggs)))

    I heart you Jamie Girl :)

  2. aawwww I heart you both....
    who has been lying to you?

  3. Someone who I htought was a friend. I was wrong.


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