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Handmade Christmas

Well, I haven't kept all of you guys up to date on my employment woes because, truthfully, it's so amazingly depressing to think about I totally pull a Scarlet O'Hara most days; however, the other day I was shoved into reality. I was laid off of my Phoenix gig.  *sigh*

It's true. Just like last year around this time, I am not needed until after the first of the year due to low enrollment. I'm doing a bit of extra training so I won't forget what to do (umm, like I did last year) between now and then, but I'm totally NOT getting paid for it. *sigh*

My response? Dispondant and Depressed. Pop's response? Ok, don't worry about it. LC's response? Cool, now you can concentrate on getting a real job up here. (My response to that one, "I have been, but I have no work experience except teaching."  :P )

Well, I decided after both of those conversations that perhaps I should branch out farther and "spin" my education experience so it fits other areas. I actually applied to 3 non teaching jobs this past week. Check me out!! Starting Monday I will begin calling those various places because, by God, I want a job!

ANYWAY, even before this recent development, I had decided to call upon my creative talents for Christmas. Why? Well, I'm a single mom with 2 two part time jobs, guys;I have no money.

I researched various way to have a frugal, homemade Christmas for a week or so before I ran across things I could really do without totally stressing myself out-or leaving my comfort zone. (Two things I SO don't need to do right now.) Hell, I even found a few things I think I'll make and wrap up for myself.

For more information check out the Christmas Planning link on the right side of the page for more information and links to projects and pages to inspire you. I'll be updating it as I go, so check back to watch my progress or affer suggestions.

Maybe I'll even have my own tutorials...Woooooo. Humm, perhaps I shouldn't get ahead of myself.


  1. I've done handmade Christmas gifts several times. There's something really satisfying about wrapping up something that you made with your own hands. And a lot of times they really are more appreciated.

    Good luck (on the jobs and the present making)!

  2. This so reminds me of how I made Christmas gift for my parents when I was young. They didn't have money to give gifts to one another so I took the initiative to make things.
    Of course, you are an adult and the things you make will be much better than whatever I came up with. I will say, handmade gifts rock. I mean, look at Etsy. It's a revolution :)


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