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Everyday Amazing

So, my friend, D, and I have a similar conversation almost every single Monday for the past several weeks about this man....Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

It's usually just a list of obvious statements about how, just smoking hot he is, but tonight something hit me-something profound. Something that D just could not agree with ...

Read along...

D: Oh everything about him is hot...

Me:  He's not an everyday guy...just special occasions, dress up and be pretty kind of thing...

D: I would want him for an all the time....
Me: Not me, the artistic temperament would wear me thin, but he'd be a great toy .
D: He would just be nice to stand there and look at and him not say anything....

Me: See, he's a look pretty, not everyday wear.
D:  I don't know how I would classify him other than hot!
Me: Smoking to be sure, but...I think I'm happy with just window shopping. Not really my kind.
Ok, to clarify, I do not think I'd ever meet this man in person or stand a snowball's chance in hell, BUT I do not like fussy men. And not like fussy as in argumentative (but I don't really like that either) but I mean a man that needs constant tending-and he seems exactly that type.
I'm thinking that a really good man is like a really fabulous pair of blue jeans (ok, so this can work as a description for a woman too, but I personally don't swing that way...I just don't want to be sexist).
The perfect pair can be warn everyday...
Dressed up or dressed down.
Just as comfortable and sexy in bare feet and as in heels. (I'm NOT suggesting I want a man that wears heels...just Go with the metaphor, ok?!)
Easy to take care of...
and fit you like a glove.
An everyday kind of guy and not some look pretty that may fade or tarnish with time and wear..
(Yes, I have switched to a jewelry metaphor, I'm an English person, fucking sue me alright. Jeez people.Get with the program already.)
Not someone that demands constant polishing and adoration...something more substantial and solid that can handle the ebb and flow of everyday life. (and now we are at water...for those students of Judy Frye...what does water symbolize? Ah, yes. A change in plot. Thank you.)
Now there will be those that may argue that either Maks can be everyday where or only smoking hot guys can be special occasion wear only, but that is just not the case. It's all attitude-looks never come into play. Ok, so Maks started the train of thought so I guess they do a little, but not a huge amount. Sometimes an attractive guy doesn't know just how attractive and wonderful he is, whereas an unattractive guy can need much tending because of his need to "prove" himself. It's mostly about the person inside.
(Anyone who has known a beautiful, yet hateful person knows this is true. If yoau re ugly on the insdie there is no way to be pretty on the ouside. I can finish losing weght and buy a new bely button, but some others broads I know can't buy kindness or surgically implant sweetness or comassion. It just doesn't happen, people.)
As pretty as the above picture is, I think he'd be a terrible partner in life. Instead of the super starched, trendy, skinny jean that'd leave me breathless (from sucking in) and fidgety from constant adjusting...I'd much prefer the soft, comfy, glove-like jeans that make me feel wonderful and beautiful all day- everyday.
So, I leave you with this musical idea. Listen well, my FF because this...
well, this is my idea of everyday amazing...


  1. Ok, wait... I get all of the metaphors, and totally agree, but who is this Maks guy? How did I miss him?

  2. He is one of the professionals on Dancing with the Stars. He's currently dancing with Brandy.

  3. I'm glad I wasn't the one to ask this question. :) I didn't know who he is either, but he is pretty to look at. I think a lot of my celebrity crushes would only be "special event."

  4. I think he's my primary celbrity crush nowdays...well, there's always George Clooney.


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