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Targeting Ten

So, after the crazy anti-fat person article from Marie Claire, I have been reexamining my eating habits. You see, I'm a total yo-yo dieter that eats from boredom. 

You'd think being aware of that fact would help in some way, but nope-not-so-much.  I'm pretty hard headed, I guess.

Trust me FF, I've been pretty damn bored lately. The scale has fluxuated between 3 pounds for weeks now because of my laziness and apathy.

Anyway. I've been thinking that perhaps I've been tackling this whole weight thing the wrong way. You see, I've always focused on the ultimate goal, on what I wanted, instead of how to get there.

How does one get there?

I mean, I know the same condescending bullshit answers that Ms. Kelly gave in the article, but if it were that easy me and every other overweight person that was tired of being overweight would no longer be overweight. Right? Right.

I think my first call to action is to take things in smaller bites than I've been doing.

First, I'm going to only focus on 10 pounds at a time. I'm down enough that each ten pounds will make a pretty significant difference. I'm also giving myself a deadline for that ten pounds...3 weeks.

Why 3 weeks? Because when I incorporate #2 and get my ass BACK into the gym, it really shouldn't be all that hard to see a difference. Seriously.

Secondly, I will resume my food diary. each time I've done really well, I've kept one. Well, then I'd get lazy, slack off, and end up having to start all over again. grr!  Just think, if you are too lazy to write it down, you are too lazy to eat it. right? Exactly. Plus, it totally shames you to actually put it all in writing. And just to make sure I'm properly shamed, I'm going to post it here at the bottom of whatever my random thoughts for the day happen to be.

Can we say accountability? Yes, yes, I think we can my friends.

The whole getting back into the gym thing is a total given because I've been feeling like crap and it's what used to make me feel good. I am also going to post my activity level for the day along with my food intake.

Crazy? yes, yes I am. Thank you.

Anyway, I think ten pounds is a much easier pill to swallow than the eighty pounds I supposedly have to lose according to "experts". Seriously, people, can you really imagine me eighty pounds smaller? I'm thinking I'd look like a scarier Kate Moss after a three week 8ball bender. <> I totally realize I'm only 5'4', but people I have a sturdy bone structure. Good, hardy peasant stock. 

No, I think that idea is unrealistic and would be hard to revolve my life around.  I'm thinking the ultimate goal should be a healthy BMI, in whatever size it's in. Now, since most of my weight is actually settled in my midsection thanks to my new, post baby body, it does provide a bigger challenge that it used to. But its a challenge I can deal with...10 little pounds at a time.        


  1. 2 words... Weight Watchers. It is super fantastic and it works. I lost 40 lbs doing it at one point. Of course, I didn't keep it off because I resumed my old habits. But keeping track in a food journal and making small goals is the best thing to do. Instead of 10 lbs, aim at 1-2 lbs or 4-8 lbs per month. That is the "healthy" way to go, so I'm told. 10 is still a pretty big number. With WW, they celebrate every 5 lbs and at your 10% mark (take the first 2 digits of your current weight and that will be your 10% goal. Example: someone weighs 200, 10% goal is 20 lbs.) It's funny. I know tons about weight loss and how to do it properly, yet I am still very much overweight. It is really hard to get into action and make real changes in your life. Making the change is fairly easy, but making it a permanent lifestyle change is the hard part. Old habits truly do die hard. GOOD LUCK!! (check out WW, it really helps with accountability.)

  2. Yeah, but WW costs money, Mel. That's why I've never tried it. Although I've been getting the Hungry girl newsletter and she always publishes WW points. I'll look into it...and see if I can figure it out for free. ;)

  3. True, the cost is why I always have trouble keeping up with it.
    Good Luck!

  4. I've got a FREE answer for ya. ;) SparkPeople.Com. It's like totally awesome. Go, check it out. They have TONS of support, and tons of information on the site. Totally amazing.

  5. Hooray! This is totally inspiring! A healthy BMI in whatever size that comes is the way to go. And...a curvy post-baby body is sexy:) The babies that come along with it are totally worth it! I keep telling myself that, and its finally starting to sink in:) Slow but sure wins the weight loss race!


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