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Halloween Goodies

So, My wonderful friend over at Cerebral Lunchbox put together this fab little blogfest for us little guys and I am overwhelmingly happy to be apart of it for three important reasons...

1- She and I are similar souls (otherwise known as rather recovering teachers who'd much rather write)

2-I gotta be honest...I'm not against the idea of having more members of the FF to listen to me ramble and occasionally bitch. Just saying...

3-This post is all about Halloween and I lovelovelovelove Halloween!!!

Anyway...on with the show...

Halloween creates a special kind of nostalgia for me because as a kid we had our own kind of tradition of eating pizza and of my Pop stealing testing the good candy. 

(Yes, I've tried to recreate with my own kids...however, they are just now old enough to "get" the whole idea of Halloween and tradition. Ok, at 2 and 4 they don't get tradition, but the do understand consistency and it's almost the same thing. Don't judge..I'm working on it. And I like candy. What? They are too little to need all that sugar...share the love I say. )

The main trouble here is this post is supposed to be about Halloween specials from when TV used to be something other than medical dramas and cop shows. (NOT hating on cop shows, mind you. Personally, I can't live without NCIS or perhaps I can and just dont' want to..MmmmMark Harmon. Oops Sorry.)

Other than Your the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, I have absolutely no memory of any Halloween specials or shows....except this one.

Yep, Teen Witch. (insert jeering, finger pointing, and gnashing of teeth here)

I admit it...I watched it every year. Umm, I think I watched it last year too, but last year is a kind of blur so I can't be sure. For those unfamiliar with his cinematic jewel, it is about the girl pictured above, please take a few minutes of of your life and peruse the's freaking classic.

 Louise, is is indeed a teen and finds out on her 16th birthday that she is a witch. Now she's been a total dork up to this point in life and finds herself suddenly popular because, well, she's a witch people..she casts a spell.

Yes, it is a typical, teenage angst, findingyourtruepathandfriends, feel-good, MESSAGE laden Disney movie that only the 80's could supply. (Think Sixteen Candles Disney-fied) However, for a girl that has always felt socially awkward, the idea of begin able to have that much control over the world and people sounds fabulous. I mean, who wouldn't want to cast a spell and suddenly be and have everything you ever wanted. Hummm, that STILL sounds like a good plan. 

My choice of spell pretty obvious...If you've read this blog at all, you totally know what I would cast mine for....

I wonder...what would YOU guys want to cast a spell for in your own lives?


  1. I'm a recovering teacher, too! *LOL* Seems to be lots of us in the blogosphere!

    My spell would magically fast-track my manuscript through the agents and publishers and onto bookshelves across the globe...I can dream!

  2. Ahhh, we can all dream, hun. We can all dream. :)

  3. Ooo I know I know! I'd want my house to clean itself once a week! Gosh that would be wonderful.

  4. Ah man...Teen Witch isn't even scary!! It's actually almost endearing in a pukey kind of way. I kid I kid. Sadly I remember this movie and I can remember thinking (even at my youngest) "How far that creepy lady from Poltergeist has fallen."

    Also, I honestly couldn't tell you how happy I am that my dear one isn't teaching at that school anymore. She's so much nicer when she's not completely stressed out.

  5. I must have watched Teen Witch a gazillion times, enough to convince myself that I'd find my own magic amulet someday and discover I was really a witch.

    Obviously that led me to become a writer, lol! A spell to sell my book to Harper Collins for a major deal would be awesome, but... I can't help but think it would come back to bite me on the ass in some kind of sadistic monkey's paw manner.

    Thanks for reminding me how much I loved this movie (except for the embarrassing We Like Boys shower song and dance routine. Weird)

    Happy early Halloween!

  6. Whoa...this brought back some memories! I vaguely remember this one. I think I've regressed the memories!

  7. What is it with 80s movies and inexplicable musical scenes?

    I don't think I ever saw this one, but I'll have to check it out. I'm always up for Disney-camp.

    Hmmm, I wish I could be original, but a publishing contract sounds pretty good to me, too!

  8. I think if I were to actually win the $5000 a week for life I'd writewritewrite and think about the contract later...

    Just imagine begin able to write and NOT stress about bills and money and paying those bills. Now THAT'S a dream!

  9. I'm gonna go with everyone else and say I'd love a spell that would allow me to write faster and sell my book in a major publishing deal. But since that's just a given, I'd also love a spell that would make my demon cat be nice to me.

  10. Just remembered an old Peanuts show - The Great Pumpkin. Going for a kinder, gentler Halloween here.

  11. I LOVE teen witch. I truly do think we were blood-related sisters in another life:)

    My spell would be to have enough money to pay off student loans, bills, and have enough left over to own a home, a car large enough for the carseat to fit without me having to eat my knees in the front seat and a small boat to take Dylan out on the water when he gets old enough.

    Then, if the world so chooses...more money to help out family and friends. That would be awesome. Wish I was a witch:)

  12. I'm glad I'm not a total freak of naturea nd that you all remember and like that movie too. it's like giving me permission to find it and watch it!! Yea!!


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