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Happiness Recipe a'la Blake

Because I am a huge, phenomenal dork, I randomly search for cool quotes to use for my FaceBook statuses. I figure that everyone can only hear about my love of wine, the potty train status of my children, or the general progress of my day for so long before they just reaaaally don't, there are times when I just bored myself. I mean, I look at the things I've written and all I can think is, "Damn you are one sad, no-life having, super boring broad, aren'tcha McCarty? Wow!"

Hence the quotes that try to explain my random moods much more eloquently than I am able to do on the fly. (Ok, so if I tried I probably could, but it's FB people. Do I really need to put that much thought into it?)

The William Blake quote I found today may actually stay up for a while because it instantly made my mind begin to spin with ideas and possibilities...

The essentials to happiness are something to love, something to do, and something to hope for.

After thinking about it I think I'll make a list of each, almost list a list of blessings, except this is more like a recipe for Blake's  Happiness....(I do SO love a list)

Something to Love? My children. My family. My friends. My job(s). Coffee. Sparkly anything. Fresh flowers. The sound of my babies' laughter. Cuddling, kisses, and hugs. Daydreaming. Getting texts that make me smile. Sunsets. (I probably love Sunrises too, but I'm not a fan or being awake for them.) Jangly bracelets. Cooking meals that happily fill tummies. Singing in the car. Hearing my kids sing. The size of my clothes slowly decrease. Bright colors. Toile.  

Something to Do? Attempt sewing. Teach (sometimes) willing minds. Cause spontaneous smiles to erupt from those around me when I smile. Make jokes. Play outside with my kids.  Wander voyeuristicly around FaceBook. Read almost everything I can get my hands on-whenever possible. Avoid unpleasantness, maybe a bit too much. Work on my WIP. Daydream. Search for my place in the world. Work towards my dreams. make the clothing size decrease more quickly.

Something to Hope For? Winning the mystery Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, like they swear I will. Looking into the future and not feeling a cool line of fear slide down my spine. Text messages that make me smile. The day my 3 person family lives on our own. Finishing my WIP. Finding an agent. Finding my own little place in the world. Sailing on a Disney cruise. Traveling far and wide. Making my daydreams a reality. My kids to have a dad. Remarrying. My clothes being in single digits.

While I'm sure my lists will shrink and swell with each passing day and moment, but as of right now...that's all I got...And from the look of it, I got quite alot to be happy about.   

What's y'all's recipe?


  1. Very encouraging after my half week of hell.

  2. Sometimes, especially in hell, you have to cling desperatly to the one or two things that actually make you smile and focus on those constantly.

  3. I'm right on track with everything you have written, except for the finding an agent thing. I'm not trying to be a writer, but I would like to be a nurse in...oh,...a few months. So, a job would be nice:)

    I'm especially fond of the "clothes being in single digits" goal. I'm right there with you!

  4. PS. Your comment was spot on. I have been pondering lately if this is more of God's idea of purgatory for me...I keep thinking, "What have I done?"
    I know it's life and shit happens, but I don't want it to (picture a girl stomping her feet, clinching her fist, and making a pouting face).
    I second guess whether I should post what's in my head, but you are right-it needs and outlet and that's why I have chose to blog!
    And goodnight :)

  5. I have been searching for a good website for quotes. I, too, am a fan of expressing myself through some other (brilliant) person's words.
    You always choose excellent quotes. Somewhere, in my binder of poems, I have lists of quotes that I have come across and loved. I should pull that out one of these days.


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