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Do you ever get random calls on your phone from unidentified numbers? Yea, we all do, right? Truthfully I don't think about it because I have online students from everywhere and I tell them to feel free to call and leave a message. You see, I don't answer strange numbers.

Well, the past few days I've had a new number pop up, but not a new class. I should know all the numbers that call me. I just figured that whomever it is would eventually leave a message of he/she wanted to talk to me.

Anyway, the strange number totally left a message today...And guess who it was?

Come on, you can do it.

Just a guess...

Give up?

If you guessed my ex-husband you'd be right. Give yourself a cookie. I mean, really, what the Fuck people?! What in the name of hell makes that sonofabitch think I want to talk to him? Besides his obviously delusional state, that is.

How annoying? Not only do I have to get a letter a month, nut now phone calls too?!!!? Now, if I were receiving ANY sort of monetary support, I would be willing to endure some sort of contact, but I'm not now will I ever receive Fuck him.

Seriously, how do I get rid of him? I want all of it to stop. Is everything he did and put me through not enough that must also put up with this shit too? For real? Dammit!!!

Of course, I was chatting with my Aggie friend and asked him to imagine how unbearable he'd make my life if he weren't actually in jail. His reply, "Jamie, you wouldn't have left him if he hadn't gone to jail." Sigh...damn I hate being known so well.
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  1. I want to punch him in the face for you. And maybe kick him in the nads too.

  2. That sucks.
    Unfortunately he may never stop calling, but at least you don't have to answer.


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