Random thoughts and musings of a single Mom striving to follow dreams and find pure BLISS.


(Please remember I love my kids more than life itself, but sometimes my job as "The Mom" sucks!)

For any of you that do not have children that may be thinking about the whole baby thing OR have babies that are still tiny and want to know some basics...

What are the best things about being a parent?
  • the "I love you's"
  • the hugs
  • the kisses
  • the cuddles
  • baby breath. (It lasts until around age 3 then brushing the teeth is necessary to prevent stinking breath, not just tooth health.)
  • begin able to teach them new things
  • learning to make crafts
  • coloring together
  • giggles
  • watching a budding personality develop
  • learning to understand their "language"
  • listening to the kids play together
Worst thing about being a parent?
  • the phone call from the school principal that your 4 yr old is in the office. (yep, that was today)
  • the whole not listening thing!!! (that's pretty consistent, unfortunately)
  • doing the whole discipline thing. (especially when you are the first, last, and only defence)
  • Holding back your laughter when they do something that you have to get onto them for...(everyday)
  • picking eating habits
  • tantrums (especially when your kids are half your size and almost stronger than you. lol)
  • Did I mention the principal calling? sigh...


  1. You know, I have always had a problem with any child below the age of accountability being sent to the "principal's office"....What in the world can a person 30 inches tall do that cannot be controlled by an adult...PLUS,,,what was accomplished? Does he truly understand the concept of "going to the office"? Is this person a REAL certified teacher or a nice person with a job at a preschool?? Just wondering...not that I have an opinion or anything...

  2. She is actually a certified teacher, but he really did deserve a trip to the office...and he knows the signifigance because I showed up. He actually put his hand down the back of a little girl's pants. Oh, I was SO shamed. *sigh*
    He also refused to apologize.

  3. I felt very much the ineffectual parent today; the poster-child that whole single mom thing doesn't work. *sigh*

  4. Jamie girl....what happened had nothing to do with your effectiveness as a a matter of fact this might have happened if he had 6 sets of parents... it just happened..what were his intentions? is he old enough to understand that what he did was wrong?
    I love you ,,, quit beating yourself up..

  5. Kids do things that adults wouldn't do because they haven't developed that filter that tells them not to do things.

    You can sit and talk to moms all over the PLANET and they will tell you about things that their children have said or done that have made them feel like they want to crawl in their grave. When Jacob told our church deacon that I had handcuffs in my bedroom.....well that was one of those times for me. It happens...and it will happen again. Just another notch in your mommy belt. :)

  6. Gena, I needed that laugh. Thank you. :) And Jamie, I would say some comforting words but everyone else beat me to it. Love you :)

  7. I would like to clarify for the record that the handcuffs were in one of those "junk" boxes that everyone has in their house. It was a box of junk that was in the closet and in no way were they ever used for anything at all. LOL

    I don't even think there was a key to them, and I didn't know we had them until AFTER the comment to the deacon when I went frantically digging through my bedroom trying to find what he was talking about. *sigh*

  8. So great.
    I agree with the picky eating. I fed my kid chips and an orange the other night for dinner. I thought about caring for a minute and then thought, "what the hell, just eat."
    AND I laugh when I shouldn't. I thought I was going to be the strong disciplinarian. Um nope. I laugh.


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