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I Stand Corrected

Do you how I have said over and over and over that I hate roses, especially red ones? Umm, I have to officially retract that statement.

While they will probably never be my favorite in the world, I received a red rose last night and it was undoubtedly the sweetest gesture I have ever witness on a first date.

I found myself both preening like a peacock and blushing furiously at the same time.

Most of the time when roses are presented it seems very contrived, and while it may be typical for him, it didn't feel like it. It felt like he actually wanted to make the effort to make me smile. I like that.

I guess roses aren't so bad after all.  


  1. I was always very anti red rose as well because it seemed like such a thoughtless gesture. Oh. Wow. You stopped and picked up the most generic flower you possibly could. Thanks.

    HOWEVER...... I will have to say that one year for Valentine's Day I walked into a room FULL red roses. Six dozen maybe? Along with rose petals everywhere and dozens of Stargazer lilies, which are my favorite. (Jesse totally rocks!) Needless to say, my opinion (for whatever it is worth) is that I think it is the general sentiment that counts more than the actual flower. My opinion of red roses, therefore, was forever changed...

    Sounds like this guy should get extra brownie points just for being thoughtful. :)

  2. I'd have to agree on the 'sentiment' needing to be included there... I've received a single red rose from a guy and it mean a lot to me and also have had it mean absolutely nothing to me based on why or how he gave it to me!

    So glad you had a great experience receiving one! =)


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