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Today was a good day...

What makes a good day for me? It really depends on the day, but it's usually something simple because, while I admit to being high mantainance, I am easily entertained.

Today, I am currently having a good day. Why? Humm, let us count the ways...

  1. I looked in the mirror and noticed that I have cheek bones again! (I can't wait until I my jaw line back too.) 
  2. While I'm not sore from my workout, I can FEEL it working. And I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. My son feels better and has not thrown up this morning. Yippy!
  4. I got a text this morning from my crush, just to chat, and recieved a "Good night" last night before bed. (I'm thinking that's a positive sign, right?!)
  5. The burn on my hand is itching like crazy, which means it is healing.
  6. My babies are super cute and healthy as horses!
  7. I'm lucky to have really supportive family members.

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  1. happiness is contagious... It is "air-born"...
    Breathe in and out your Blessings and they will cover and infect those around you and keep it flowing all around,,, effortlessly becoming an epidemic.... What a way to go, right?
    lov u


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