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The date is off...

It turns out that my recond is still holding for being attracted to the worse possible excuses for manhood. The crush was found to be a lier and a dog, and those are the good adjectives. Ya know, no one is cute enough for those traits to be overlooked. Good thing I figured it out now before it became something that might actually hurt my feelings. Personally, I think it's sad.I can't figure out why people lie. I mean, what do they get out of that because eventually all truths come to light. 

Oh, well. 

Recently, I quickly reviewed the main characteristics of  the guys I have dated (and married) and I have a confession....Hello. My name is Jamie and I'm a shit magnet. I know part of the 12 step program is to "let go and let God," so for that reason I offer this prayer:

Dear God

I know (a majority of) McCarty women don't always choose men well and it takes a while for us to find a calm and devoted man who can handle us. Please send me a Jerry, David, or Jesse; so I can find the same happiness my fellow shit-magnet McCarty women have found. Amen.

Love, Jamie 


  1. But you got him first, so you were obviously not a shit magnet! Silly, Tanzie. You and Wayne were lucky...the rest of us so so much. ;)

  2. oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,, I love you.. You are NOT a shit magnet.... Just know that you DO NOT NEED A MAN TO BE COMPLETE,,, then the rest will fall into place... You are a solid member of the partnership. I believe God has someone for you... They just don't make folks like your dad anymore, so you got to quit comparing,,, or keep looking until you find him.

  3. I'm sorry, sweetie! I hope this cheers you up (I got it today, so it's just in time for you, too)!

  4. I wish I could clone my David---he is THE most amazing man I've ever met (family men excluded). When I figure out the clone process I will send David 2.0 your way!! Until then--ditto to TB comments--you do not need a man to be complete and they don't make them like your daddy anymore.


  5. Jess, You gave me an award?! Really?? I'm overwhelmed!!! Thank you. It's so cool when we write about me in your blog; I feel so cool.

    Guys, I totally know I need a man to be complete, but I'd like to have one to share stuff with at some point. Not looking, but not putting my head in the sand either.

  6. I agree with the whole not needing a man thing.... And Jesse is definitely quite wonderful but we have definitely had our share of heartache too. So have mom and Jerry and I am sure Michelle and David have had their moments as well. Even when you find bliss you have to deal with the bumps in the road :)

    Shit magnet? No.
    You are just unwilling to settle for something less that greatness :)

    I love you cuz!


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