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The Great jamie Job Hunt

I can't believe I didn't blog about this earlier, but as you all know, I'm on the hunt for a full time classroom gig. Now, I know that I said when I came out of the classroom last year that I'd never go back into a high school classroom again, but little did I know that I was wrong. I actually had an interview this past Wednesday at East Central High School. For those that do not know where that drive north from Pascagoula until you are almost in the middle of nowhere and turn east at the random red light. (If the red light wasn't there I'd never know where to go.)  It is "up the country" but actually a really great school district.

So, let me tell you guys about my interview and let me know how y'all think it went...First of all, I got there an hour early and drove around the massive metropolis of Hurley for all of 5 minutes (yep, that's all it took) before stopping at the new CVS to use the restroom and grab a water. So, I know that sounds crazy, but I have to go alot when I'm nervous so I might as well stay hydrated reguardless. Anyway. I arrive twenty minutes, or maybe 25, before my interview, but there was just nothing else to do and I was afraid the CVS people would start thinking I was shop lifting if I stayed there any longer.

It was So a typical small, rural school. I got a brief biography of each person who walked into the office. Gosh, I really do miss gossipy school secretaries. The ones at Bay High and Gulfport were way too closed-mouthed for me.  Anyway. I chatted with the office worker and the secretary and waited for the interview before me to finally leave. She took forever. I mean I got there at 1:05 or 1:10 ish and she was in there and didn't leave until 1:3 or 1:40ish. Mabye the principal was telling her that while one teaches in kahkis, one does not necessarily interview in them. Maybe I'm just judgemental (Lord, knows I've been accused of that before, but only by my ex-husband) but you are supposed to always go dressed to the 9s when interviewing for a job, right?! Anyway. Kahki chick leaves, the principal runs a few errands, and then it's time for me.

First, I introduced myself as Jamie McCarty. That's great, but I'm not legally Jamie McCarty; I'm still a Council until my babies can be switched over to McCarty. I corrected myself, but wondered if the principal thought I might have multiple personality disorder. maybe not the best way to start it off, but can't change it once I've done it.

I sat down and for one of the first times in my life I wasn't nervous during an interview. I was nervous before I walked into his office, but that all stopped after I shook his hand. I simply sat down, crossed my legs, and was "just jamie." I didn't worry about posture or my speech or anything else. I was actually comfortable. Of course, I'm sure the fact that my parents had reminded me that whether I get the job or not was NOT the end of the world. I'd survive and thrive either way.

He asked me all of 5 questions and gave me the rational behind asking all of the questions (which was a new thing for me; usually they just ask questions, not explain why they want to know the answer) except for the last one. His last question was, "What is your 5 year plan?" Now I did have Big Daddy flashbacks and also wondered if he had read my FB page, but instead of giggling I absolutly spoke from the heart, "I want to find and home school and community. I want roots. I'm sure you've seen the number of schools on my resume and I have to tell you I only want to be a first year teach one more time. My ex-husband had a kind of wander-lust that was never satisfied. He just knew things would be better somewhere else and I went along for the ride because he was my husband and I was being supportive. Now, tha the is my ex-husband I do not hav to do that anymore. I want a home. I would like this to be my home because my children are getting to school age and I'd like nothing better than for them to go through school in this district." After I said that he looked at me, smiled, and said, "Do you have any questions for me?

He told me I'd either have a phone call or a letter from him on April 12th. man, I hope it's a phone call offering me a job....

What do you guys think.


  1. You go Girl! I haven't posted comments before, but I am totally diggin' your blog! ((hugs))

    I would wish you luck, but I've moved on from luck in my ripe old age---heehee---but I certainly believe in the power of prayer. If it's meant to be it will be! Keep us posted! HA-couldn't resist!

  2. sounds like you did great! I know God has great plans for you. I look forward to hearing your great news.... loveyou!

  3. Well, I've already been offered (and accepted) my next 2 classes from University of Phoenix, so I'll live either eay.


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