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Wedding Thoughts

This is my super-fab cousin Sunnie is getting married in two weeks.She is also the apple of my son's eye. Seriously, I think he'd go live with "MY cousin Sunnie" in a second.

There she at the right...notice the family resemblance...Fair skin. Faux red hair. Sarcastic smile. We are practically twins!

Anyway, she is marrying this guy here...Jesse Pounders.  I have only met Jesse once, but I'm always drawn in my a calm soul and he certainly has that.

You tend to notice things like that about people when you come from a terribly ADD family where everyone fidgets and constantly fills the silence.

I have been trying to give advice and suggestions and be supportive via text, email, and FB about the wedding. I even offered to drive up early and help set up everything. I'm sure she has more than enough help, but I'm a fan of both of them and, truthfully, they are living examples of my hopes.

You see, a majority of us McCarty women have "issues" with our men. (I think I might have blogged out this before.) However, Sunnie has not been immune to the guy-debacle. She has been super supportive during this whole "single mom" thing because she was one way before me.

But when her back was turned, this man caught her by surprise and changed everything. She is blissfully happy in her country wonderland, surrounded by plants and dirt-the way all good hippies should live. While on one had I am "pea-green with envy," I am also so happy because she totally deserves to find her bliss and her true happiness.

I know my time is coming because we all find it eventually, that person who calms and compliments our hectic brains. And when I do...I'm eloping!

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  1. when I saw the "countdown to a new family member" the first thing I thought was "DANG. Who is pregnant and why am I always the last to know everything?"

    I just love you Jamie Girl and you can come any time you want. I am going to bee off work the whole week before the wedding.

    In the midst of my singleness I sat and made a list of the perfect guy not some stupid tall, dark, handsome and rich list, but along the lines of... Someone who would love me and adore my children, strong character but not overbearing , someone who would be supportive and encouraging with good morals and integrity that loved outdoors as much as I did. Then I prayed. Not trying to be presumptuous but an honest prayer that if God meant for me to ever have someone in my life that it be this guy. Then I met Jesse :)

    I am sure that my desparation was all over my single face but he always conducted himself like a gentleman. It was quite unnerving at first. Then I felt like something was wrong with me...don't all men make passes at the vunerable single woman? Then I realized he was just a nice guy and he was just trying to keep me from thinking of him as the typical guy that makes passes at single women. He rocks.

    Your guy is out there too :) God is just waiting for the right time for your paths to cross.

    I heart you my cousin-twin. Squish the little people on my behalf.

    Our good green things are struggling...hippies pray for rain.


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