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Happy Birthday Baby!!!

My baby boy is now a big boy! It's just overwhelming to think that four years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to random and various things they hook you up to when they induce your labor...but mine had been induced almost a day and a half before. Let's just say I was VERY tired of being in labor (and pain since I wasn't given pain medication in case it "slowed" my labor, like it could have gotten slower).

So, the downside of two days of labor and an emergency C-section at 8:00 PM is that when you baby is born you are so exhausted that all you can do is sleep and everything you remember is kinda hazy. I remember the doctor and the nurses telling jokes and singing to me. I remember tears sliding down my face because he did not cry immediately and I was terrified something was wrong.  I also remember looking at that smashed little face, our eyes meeting and the unspoken message of "Lady, I just wanna sleep for a while if that's OK with you" popping into my brain. Works for me!  (That's why when the way too chipper nurse said, "Do you wanna try to nurse now?" the comment, "You've got to be fucking kidding me?" popped into my head and unfortunately came out of my mouth. ( I seriously didn't know I had said it aloud until much later-they'd already given me morphine so I don't think I was really responsible for my lack of filter.)

Anyway. I find myself still being in complete awe of him. I guess, him being my first-born, I always will be. He's aggravating, wildly hyper active, precocious, not always the best listener, stubborn, sneaky, hardheaded, occasionally whiny, sensitive, fierily protective, empathetic, sweet, funny, personable, helpful, loving, curious, and wickedly cute.

Since I really have no words...all I really know is if I play my cards just right, I will mold this precious son of mine into a person I would be friends with and a man I am proud of.

What a blessing and a cool responsibility to be his Mom?!!!


  1. what an awesome commentary on the life of your son... If our children only realized how very precious each of them are to their mothers, I do not know if they could stand the radiance beaming from us... Well said, jamie girl, and your wish will certainly come true!!! Faith, hope, prayers, and consistency,,,God is faithful....


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