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Discovery of the Obvious

Today I had a job interview. This will be the sixth one I've had in the past year when it became obvious that needing a job was more than a necessity. Now, I've only gotten ONE of those jobs- my gig at Pearl River- but I had to leave it to move back to Goula because living on a part time teacher salary is harder than living on a full time teacher salary. Go figure, right?!

Anyway. I was super nervous because I would have to teach a 15 minute lesson in front of 5 teachers/administrators. now this may not sound like a big deal since I once taught 2 hour high school classes, but I've been out of the classroom for a while and had actually been thinking about leaving it permanently. To strike out in the world of jobs that pay more than peanuts so I can raise my babies without sweating about my sad, little, peanut paycheck.

However, I discovered today that I can't leave.

Like a moth inexplicable drawn to the flame they undoubtedly know will end them, so I am drawn to the classroom. As soon as I opened my mouth today, I fell into "teacher" mode and every bundle of nerves and butterfly vanished and I felt totally at home. I smiled, laughed, cajoled, talked, joked, and had a great time. In fact, I was almost sad when my 15 minutes were up. I had literally forgotten how much I really love teaching. (In truth the state test sucked a majority of my love out and I had to rebuild it. I didn't love it last summer.) But most importantly I had forgotten how damn good I am at it. In seconds all 5 adults were entertained and interested in what I was saying-not just because it was their job to evaluate me. It took less than 5 minutes after my presentation for them to discuss the fact that they loved me and thought I'd "be a perfect fit".

That's right, faithful few, they loved me! They want me. Now they have to see if they can give me full time or the half an hour drive to Mobile 3 days a week may not exactly worth it. Ahhh, the rub!

If nothing else it helped me remember that I really am a freaking, outdamnstanding teacher and I do want to be back into the classroom. Even if I don't go to work there, at least I know that teaching is still my passion and my calling. Score 1 for Team Jamie.


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