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It's Raining all Kinds of Good Things!!

Have a listen in my brain for a minute...

It's Raining Men!
It's Raining Men!

It's Raining Jobs!
It's Raining Jobs!

Why am I singing such a silly song and changing words? Because this whole past week it really is literally raining men and jobs.

Let me explain...

I applied for an Academic Tutor position at a Jr high and then got a call from the high school. I was offered both jobs and the principals were almost willing to fight over who got to have me. I'm SO not kidding. the Superintendent had to settle it and place me where HE thought I should go.

Am I concerned? Oh hell no! I'm just glad I have a job! and After a year and a half of not being the choice, it feels pretty damn awesome to be everyone's choice.

Now for the men...

Ok, so there is my sexy, Colombian soccer player. He is sweet and loves to shower me with compliments, which I'm a HUGE fan of. Seriously.

So, my email was given to another nice guy by a friend of mine and we have been communicating only through email for a week or so now. He just asked me out.  We haven't even had a phone conversation and he really feels like he wants to take me out. We are going to Bellingrath gardens to tour the lights and to dinner. How sweet! I'm pretty excited. I swear my palms started sweating just reading the email.

However, this leaves me to question the Universe...

Where in the hell has all of this been my whole damn life??

Is it possible to be grateful and question the reasoning at the same time? I'm serious, I would have loved to have various nice, sweet, handsome, complimentary guys vying for my attention, like, my whole life! What's up with all this? Here again, I'm totally grateful and appreciate the Universe leading me to this point, but it just feels strange.

I mean, I'm the same person I've always been, aren't I?  Arent' I?

What is the major difference that has all of this happening. Let's just examine this for a second...I have been out on dates with five different guys since August. August!! Five!

I didn't even date like that in college. I didn't even date like that in high school. I mean, I wanted to, but I was never asked out. Hell, I even asked Joe out for our first date! 

And I was thinner and younger and, well, thinner. Wild!!

Of course, I am more confident now. More together. I know who I am now and had no DAMN clue anytime before now.

I guess I just find it odd because I was once told by a guy I no longer really talk to that as a single mom I have to be less choosy and put up with more. That guys could actually end up with "quite a bargain" by dating a single mom.

(Gee, I wonder why I stopped talking to him...)

After that I realized that I'd rather be alone than have to settle for something that even remotely resembled what I had left. And, might I add,  I'd be just fine being alone.

Soooo does a complete lack of interest add to my mystique? Go figure.  I guess it worked for the whole job thing too.

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  1. When it rains, it pours! That's the old saying, right? I'm just glad it's raining GOOD things for you now!

    Yippee for Jamie! It's SOOOO your time to be happy!!



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