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Bellingrath Gardens

So, I was telling you guys earlier in the week that I had a date for Friday night, so since it's Saturday, I figured I'd update...

Yep, I did in fact have a date. Interesting fact, even in heels, I only come mid-chest to someone who is 6'6". Just saying. why is this important? Well, because BG is, in fact, 6'6".   And kudos for him that there were no short jokes thrown about-at least out loud.

He was very sweet. Great voice. Great smile. Soothing demeanor. And I'm always a fan of someone who doesn't mind a few silences - comfortable silences.

After meeting at the resraunt where we would eventually have dinner, we wandered through Belligrath. We chatted a bit, made both appropriate and inappropriate jokes about people and the scenery (he likes to eavesdrop too; a major plus for me), and since he'd been there before he was a wonderful tour guide while I sipped hot chocolate and enjoyed his company. Now, I'm not saying there wasn't a bit of underlying tension because I can tell he is naturally as shy as I am, but we were both working through it and having a good time.

Ok, so I have to interject that when I slid into the passanger seat of his car I was instantly surrounded by the masculine smell of him, I did instantly feel warm and comfortable...and just a little tingly.

Anyway, after the gardens we had dinner and pleasant conversation. He smiles very well. I travels up to his eyes and lights up his face. He also mentioned another Christmasy thing that he enjoyed and was searching for...and double checked when I was leaving for Atlanta. Hummm, I think that means I'm going to be invited out again.  

Once dinner was over he walked me to my car, hugged me, and asked me to be careful.

I texted him to let him know I was home safe and sounds and he was glad I let him know and said he'd talk to me soon. 

I wonder how soon? 


  1. Woo on a great date! I miss those days actually, not the dating roller coaster, but the tingles. Those are rare now. So glad it went well!

  2. sounds awesome!! Glad it went so well :)

  3. That sounds soo GREAT! Congratulations. One heck of a good gift for the season!


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