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Be Still my Heart

I received the most exciting phone call today...

You guys will SO never guess!!!

My beautiful, sexy, Colombian soccer player called and asked if he could dive down one day this week and see me.

Yep, he is going to drive almost 3 hours to come see little, ole me.

And he's all anxious and excited. (giggle)


I have no freaking clue.  

However, I refuse to think all negativly and wonder "Why in the world does this man want to spend time with me?" (even if I have seen pictures of his ex on FB and , let me just say that she was beautiful.)

Instead I will just enjoy the time we spend together and embrace the NOW of it all.

  • I'm pretty excited that he's excited.
  • I'm pretty excited he wants to see me again.
  • I'm pretty excited that he's willing to drive all the way here to see me.

Ok, I'm just pretty excited...but not in a weird, crazy-girl, "I think this means we are destined to be together" kind of way.

More of a "Wow, he's really sweet and cute and precious and we really had fun last time" kind of feeling.

BTW, I won't even get into the crazy amounts of tingles that occurred with the sweet, (almost) chaste kiss he gave me. Whoa!








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