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Christmas in the Making

The Christmas PJs have been opened and I'm hoping that the kids will eventually go to bed. Perhaps they will before I fall asleep because I have to be honest, folks...I'm freaking tired!

Sis and I exchanged MJ's gift and then braved WalMart for last minute Christmas dinner items. It wasn't as bad as it should have been, but it was still insane. It made me very glad I've been taking an extra dose of Lexapro for the past few days. I have totally been thinking ahead!

However, it didn't keep me from feeling a bit of stress and calling my sexy Colombian to hear a calm, soothing voice to drown out the crazy rants of, actually, Sis. (Sis has NOT been taking HER medicine at all let alone the extra doses like me.), can I tell you all how fluttery I get when I hear, "Helllooooo, how are you babe?! My Jeeemie." (Yes, he pronounces it more Jemie than Jamie, but it's very adorable. Come on, he's Colombian.) I even got a text earlier today that was just a little "thinking of you" note referring to me as "babydoll".

Can we say swoon?! 

Anyway...I have to get Jekyll back in bed for at least the 50th time...G'Night.

Merry Christmas!!!

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