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Coming Down

So, my Pop and I started the doing the whole low carb thing this past Monday. Before any of you decide to freak out, let me say...

  • Carbs have not been eliminated, just limited.
  • All carbs are eaten in the form of vegetables
  • It's NOT full of fat-at least not the way I do it.
  • The last time my Pop did this he was able to get off of medication.
  • It's nice to eat and not feel like falling asleep.
  • The only thing totally eliminated from our diet is sugar.
I had a brilliant lunch-grilled turkey salad with lots of yummy, low sugar veggies!! And I'm making Shepard's pie tonight. How does one make Shepard's pie low carb you ask? You top it with  faux mashed potatoes, which is basically cauliflower puree' and sinfully yummy!

Now the purpose of the strictest part of low carb is to detox your body from it's addiction to sugar and simple carbs, which turn into sugar. Yesterday I was exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open and I know that was my body desperately needing the sugar rush that I was denying it.  I also noticed a bit of a headache in the background of my head. I assume this is the lack of caffeine I have provided my body in the last 3 days. I did allow myself a bit today, but I felt my blood sugar fluctuate so I probably will not have any tomorrow.

Other than the caffeine thing today I have LOVED not feeling the rise and fall of my blood sugar these past few days. For all those concerned, I do get my sugar checked at the doctor regularly and there is not problem...yet, but I gotta get weight off or I will. It is a big plus that I never got gestational diabetes, but I'm very aware of what diabetes does to the body and I really do not want to drive down that road. Hell, I'm already all but promised to have since since I'm cursed on BOTH sides of the family; I do NOT want to help it along.

Anyway, even if it is just water weight I'm already down some so far this week, which makes it easier to continue...even if I'd like a glass of wine (A no no right now, but it's not like it's a bad idea to abstain for a bit.) and I'm craving something sweet (which means, my body IS addicted to sugar and the detox is totally necessary).

So far so good...more later.


  1. good habits.... I like it!!!!

  2. Oh, that McCarty sweet tooth..... I definitely have it as well. Good on you, though! When I was reading your post I broke out in a cold sweat and felt really nauseated thinking about (for myself) cutting down on the carbs. Rice, pasta potatoes......yum. Plus, you know I have a fridge full of: Apple pie, chocolate cobbler, lemon pie, key lime pie and marble cheesecake. And I buy flour by the 25lb. bag. Sheesh.


    I love the shepherd's pie recipe! How do you make yours without wine? Hannah loves shepherd's pie, so I might steal your recipe on her behalf. You inspire me, Jamie Girl :)

    I am cheering you on from the sticks!


  3. Sunnie,

    I've learned that anytime something calls for wine you can substitute chicken stock and it tastes almost the same.

    My current shepherd's pie has green beans, mushrooms, and the cauliflower topping as opposed to my usual corn, peas, onions, carrots and potato topping. It's an adjustment, but totally worth making. I was a bit tired the first few days (although that could just be my having a break between classes and stopping my constant motion for a minute-crash) but I can feel everything level out andmy energy level is back up.
    Oh, and to add, I'm losing weight even though I'm eating, drinking lots or water, AND on my period. Just saying... :)


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