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A Boost

So, I made a new friend. I met him through a friend and he asked to take me out after us talking for a few days. Yep, I had a date.

I didn't have time to get nervous because half way to our meeting spot the heavens opened up and it began to pour like an Indian Monsoon. (And we all know how much I just loooooove to drive in the rain!)

Anyway, he was very nice. Cute in a geeky kind of way. Calm and polite. And....he kept telling me I was cute. Not just me in general, but specific things about me also.

I was very comfortable around him. He made me laugh and I made him laugh. And he fed me Indian food. (For those who have never had it, all I can say is YUMMM.) We ordered a couple of things and he kept putting food on my plate.

All in all it was a pretty nice, relaxing evening.

Even if nothing comes from it or I never see him again, I have a nice little boost of confidence and a new found love of Indian food. For now, that is just enough for me.

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