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Ok, just a short update on what's been going on so far...

  • I have a job interview tomorrow and the idea of returning to the classroom at this particular school does not make me want to throw up! Maybe THIS is where I'm supposed to be? WHile I know I will be fine either way because I will always keep my online classes, I would like to have a full time gig.
  • The cute guy who I have a lilttle crush on actually popped onto FB last night to say "Good night" to me.
  • I think my son has officially remembered how to potty full time, which means all transitions are done. He's officially ok with living with Nanny and Poppa.
  • I finally replaced my camera and got a GREAT deal!
  • Cait has gone from stripping naked just in her bed to whenever she feels like it. She appeared in the living room completely bare butt and loked at me crazy when I fussed at her. *sigh*
  • I actually wrote 1000 words on my story yesterday!!
  • Feeling very at peace with my life right now. I think that's actually the best news of all!!!! 

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