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Girl's Night Out

I get to have a night out tonight with friends!! I'm so excited I can't stand it. Actually it's the second time in a month I'm gotten one and I'm overwelmed by the awesomeness(is that a word? Hum, it is now!) of my parents. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Although tonight will be WAY more low key than last Saturday, I can tell it will be an amazing amount of fun-plus, I don't need another night out that makes me 2 days to recover from again for a while. *sigh*) Thinking of all the poor Girl's Night Outless Ladies out there iv'e decided to complie a list of ways to know just when you might need one.

Do you know you need a Girl's Night Out? (Non-Mom)
1. Spike has become your favorite channel.
2. Thought about watching Family Jewels just to get a shot of Shannon Tweed's boobs.
3. The senetence "no one actually needs more than 3 pairs of shoes anyway" has exited your lips.
4. Burping and passing gas has become funny.

Do you know you need a Girl's Night Out? (Mom)

1. You know the theme song for more than 4 cartoons-plus all the characters.
2. Discussions about poop are more common thatn discussions about the lastest gossip.
3. You can't remember watching something that isn't animated, even when the kids are in bed.
4. Your kids are better dressed then you.
5. The idea of shopping and NOT buying something for the kids fills you with guilt and confusion-what do you buy if you don't buy for the kids?

Seriously, ladies, if you experience ANY of those symptoms, please seek out your closest girl-friend and immediatly make plans for an evening away from anything that isn't directly related to things that are pretty, sparkly, and girly.

Trust me on this...I know what I'm talking about.


  1. Does your favorite channel being G4 count? :)

  2. Yep, it goes right along with Spike. Sorry.

  3. What if you don't watch tv? I am pretty sure I can substitute something for a, the highlight of your day is getting to go out and feed the livestock sort of thing? LOL


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