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Let it Burn!!

I just HAVE to tell you guys what happened today!!! I received a letter from the ex. (You, know, whatshisname.)

Anyway, I decided to read the letter because, "whynot right?" and I wanted to laugh out loud. Actually, I think I did laugh out loud. then I immediately handed it to my Pop to read and MJ read it after that. It was almost like I was in jr high letting all my friends read the creepy guy note after I'd already told him to buzz off. It was purely meant to humiliate the sender and vindicate my decision to tell him to buzz off. (This is a hypothetical situation only for me. I was never the mean girl, even when I really wanted to be (that's yet another post I guess). I was, however, often the "friend" that got to read the humiliating letters.)  

Regardless...he wrote to tell me happy birthday. In fact, the exact wording was, "I know you birthday isn't until next Monday..." 


What an amazing testament to our eight (count them eight) year marriage. For those playing the home game, my birthday is on Tuesday the 28th, not Monday the 27th. Nice huh? Nine years together, eight years married, two children, and he still can't remember my fucking birthday.

Happily, I only laughed at both the gaff and the letter itself because, dear friends, it bothered me not! Absofuckinglutly not!! Go me!!  If you read the previous posts you probably have a vague idea about why, but if not suffice it to say that I believe I can finally and with all certainty close the door on all of that nonsense.

It feels good to be free. And, by damn, it feels good to be me.


  1. Glad happiness is coming your way! You deserve it! BTW..after about 26 years I have never forgot your bday! I think of you each year. Hope this year proves to be a great one. Jill

  2. Right on, girl. I'm happy that you're laughing about this. I would be too at this point. Sounds like you and I had a similar experience in marriage, minus me giving birth (can't, actually). My ex does have kids, though, and had them while we were still married. What a winner, eh? And I don't envy him in the least!

    Live and learn...ONWARD!


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