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Birthday Wishes

In honor of my birthday I have decided to buy myself a present whoever, I have no idea what I want.

No, that's not quite right. The problem is I want almost everything I see because I never let myself really have anything. *sigh*  I'm going to try to narrow down my focus over the next week and post different choices of things that are in my price range (because really, I'd almost sell appendages to have the beautiful Tiffany blue suede bag from Tiffany's new handbag line. ) and would be at least a scosh practical for my life. (unlike said Tiffany blue suede bag mentioned before.)

I'm going to scour my favorites that fit this criteria and update this post as necessary.

The first thing I loooooove could actually be an awesome present and allow me to get something else too because I found it through The Creative Crate giveaway. If my "number" is chosen I have the opportunity to win this beauty right here>>

Isn't it amazing? It's from an etsy shop called Three Scoops of Love AND the girl's name is Jamie. HA! It's like its fate or something that I have to have it. It's beautiful, anything (almost) can be stamped on the copper teardrop, and it's only $40. Can you believe it!!!?? (BTW, it's a 30 inch chain.)

Let's see, possibility number 2 is.....


  1. A trip to Pensacola to visit me and have birthday fun!


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