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Slacker City (A Rewind Post from Feb)

So, I realize that I have not posted anything for so long that I'm betting everyone not immediately related to me might that thought I was either dead or had just fallen off of the planet. No such luck, my FF.  :)

Actually, I was pretty sick all last week and was without the energy to do much of anything. But inspite of feeling all sinusey and yuk, both weekends attached to that week were absolutly, amazingly, undeniable wonderful. Seriously!

Hummmm, where to start? Umm, maybe the beginning, right? Ok, at the beginning.

The kids and I met my beautiful Colombian and his cutie pie son at the Explorium in Mobile for a day of fun and bugs. It was blissfully wonderful. We all played and checked out bugs and bodies. The kids played in the special "kiddie" area and he and I talked and held hands.  (Ok, there was a bit of kissing and hugging going on too, but it was entirely appropriate. And even if it hadn't been I'd like someone to tell me to keep my hands off that man; he is too Delicious. Just saying. Thankfully, he seems to have the same problem with me too. )  Anyway, the only bad part of the whole day was actually not having enough time with one another. I just hate to have to get in the car and drive in the opposite direction of that man. I really do.

At one point during the day, I ended up with D in my arms (because he TOTALLY reached for me) and MAT ended up holding Cait. So, I pose the question? What is sexier than watching him do the whole great day thing with his own baby? Doing it with mine, people. Ah, Dios mio.

As he kissed me goodbye (whoa baby! talk about Dios Mio!), I began to wonder what Valentine's would be like. Actually, let's be real for a minute, folks, I started wondering what it would be like to not have to drive away. Yep, that's right people, I was dis-tract-ed all the way home.

To read his chats (Yes, we gchat randomly throughout the work day, what?! Like you don't.) you'd think I was the most amazing woman in the entire world. I am constantly showered with words like: beautiful, sweet, wonderful, perfect, gorgeous, etc, etc, etc...

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